About the Author and Dentalprove.com

About the Author and Dentalprove.com

Person: Dr. Holly Olson
Website: dentalprove.com
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Dentalprove.com / Dr. Holly Olson

Dentalprove.com is a blog dedicated to dental education. The purpose of this blog is to educate dental patients on dental instruments, materials, & how to maintain healthy teeth for the rest of their lifetime. Dr. Holly Olson, graduated at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh. Please feel free to give us comments on what topics interest you regarding all aspects of dentistry. We hope you use this blog to make educated decisions regarding your dental health.

Why I created this blog?

University of Pittsburgh School of Dental MedicineIn the past, many studies completed by reputable bodies proving that oral health is often overlooked by many people, especially in areas where they do not have enough access to what can help them with their medical needs. Even in places wherein people have the financial means, visiting the dentist is an experience that is often dreaded, basically because of the pain that is associated with the treatments. Some are simply too busy with the things that they do in their respective lives that they do not find the time to visit the dentist.

My blog has been started with the advocacy of being able to help people promote what is best for their oral care. Armed with my personal knowledge, as well as with the help of trusted resources, several recommendations are made with regards to best oral care products and other things that will help enhance your knowledge on promoting proper oral hygiene.

Basically, this blog seeks to provide insights to people who cannot reach their dentists to ask for professional advice. The articles that are written will surely provide one with added knowledge on some of the best products available in the marketplace today, as well as some tips on how to deal with the most common dental problems.

I am hopeful that the posts I made in this blog will help you in ways more than one!